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I was born to my mum Svatava and dad Jiri. After that my brother Jiri and sister Jana were born.
My granny Marie used to have one of my first child´s drawings hidden in a box. When I was small I enjoyed looking at uncle Arnost when he was painting. And later he taught me something about painting as well. I loved books about famous painters. I visited a few big galleries and I like to come back there. Painting led me to the work of an architect and that way to love of space. With my sister we talked about God for the first time.
I started to paint my first oils. I painted a portrait of my granddad Josef.
Love came to me. We met in the sense of humour, we talked about God. And then love left me. Before Christmas when I felt the worst, painting brought back joy to my life. With small daughters, Hana and Sara we painted paintings together, but then I had to get on my own journey. After some time my road disappeared. I started a painting, I knew what I wanted to paint, but it was not right. I had to wait.
Around my birthday, I felt on my chest a circle of sensitivity without a skin and my road appeared again. The way to God, the way to womanhood, the way to myself. And then desire to paint sprouted in me again. Then to my big surprise, I sold my first big painting. Until then I did not really want to. And I believed, that it is possible. I had my first big exhibition. Paintings - guides came to me.
And again love came to me, it came in dance, love with sense of humour, the common way to God …