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I became a PAINTER – after months of diving into painting
I can say it from the depths of my being.
I have got an amazing time behind me, when I allowed myself only to paint.
Paintings became my guides and teachers.
The first was to believe in myself.
I painted paintings, that appeared inside myself, in the space of my heart.
Sometimes that was not enough and it was necessary to paint something I did not even see, something I only felt, for the painting to be complete.
I learned about lightness with which I can create.
I learned about patience and appearing feelings – sometimes, the most valuable is to wait for several days before it is clear, which way is the right one.
I learned to let the painting reveal to me what tool I should use right now (size of brush, shape of painting knife), but also how it wants to be painted (shape, structure).
I painted paintings from myself and for myself, but I knew, that as all children, they will grow up and they will find a new home.

I started to paint also paintings - guides on the way.
They are personal paintings when I tune to the other person and ask the Earth and the Universe for what is for her / for him the most suitable. Something comes in the meditation (does not have to come) and then I paint it. I describe in words what comes before and during transmission onto the canvas as well.