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oil on canvas 130 x 130 cm
Katerina Holman 2014

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I was surprised by a vision of trees in my heart. It was clear to me, that it is paradise. I was just experiencing a wonderful feeling of love and safety in the presence of friends – my space family - such as I did not know up till than. Why trees? When I painted them I realised many parallels – what we have as people in common with trees. I liked the realisation that roots are of light colour inside themselves and how they carry the light into the earth. When I finished painting trees in the middle of the painting, I knew that the painting is done correctly, but there was something missing. After a week the painting itself told me – the world that cannot be seen, but can be felt was missing there. I had to find the courage in myself and add another layer to the “finished“ painting – more trees and two birds joined in – my guides – an owl and a bird of prey. That week when I painted birds, on our meadow birds of pray were landing all the time, just to show themselves all off to me:)

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