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oil on canvas 130 x 130 cm
Katerina Holman 2014

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Words about the painting

We were supposed to choose, in a meditation, who we take into our boat and cross over the sea into the New land. We could go alone, but I took there my family and friends. And we walked onto the island of the New land together. It was full of golden grains. But I do not know how big it was – I did not see it all – maybe as the whole continet.
This painting pasted in the painting of previous painting “Only to flower“ while I was waiting for separate layers to dry out.
I painted sand under the sea first, water under the beach and earth under grains. I knew I am that fertile earth. And grains, that I started to paint vertically, suddenly changed into the sun. At that moment I was in the only correct place on the earth. Under my hands, something I could never create by myself, got born. I felt that energy. I am learning to receive and feel better that energy. It is here for me, that energy is my component. And it looks like, that it is inseparably connected to flowers and butterflies.

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