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oil on canvas 120 x 120 cm
Katerina Holman 2013

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Words about the painting

I did not expect, that my body carries in its memory the moment of my conception. When I tuned on my parents, from underneath appeared a golden metal lace (I knew it was my mum), it rotated and widened towards my waist, after some time a silver lace (my dad) appeared from above. In the next step the energies met and I stood here as a small light – about 3 cm in a diameter and I was treading from foot to foot indecisevely. It was all beautiful – the sea underneath me, the sky above. It was full everywhere and the feeling of safety. And because I had a guide there, who saw, that I do not know what to do – she told me “Get bigger!“. So I started to breathe deaply and I expanded my small light into light as big as on the painting and I know that it is up to me how much I want to shine. That small light never died out in me, I do not have to tread from foot to foot, I can SHINE.

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