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At the bottom left you will find my first painting that I did not paint over. From this one there are other paintings rising that already found their home in order how it happened.
Behind the empty place there are paintings that are still looking for their home and they are zig zaging gradually how they were created all the way up to the latest.
By clicking on the individual photograph you can see more.

Láska lesa
n-journey1.jpg, 10 kB
n-light2.jpg, 6 kB
n-balance3.jpg, 10 kB
n-world.jpg, 6 kB
n-through.jpg, 8 kB
n-forest-into-sun.jpg, 11 kB
n-birth.jpg, 10 kB
n-unity.jpg, 6 kB
n-forest-sun-on-back.jpg, 9 kB
n-sea.jpg, 7 kB
n-life.jpg, 9 kB
n-life.jpg, 9 kB
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