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olej na plátně 120 x 120 cm
Kateřina Holmanová 2005

Obraz již má svou majitelku/ svého majitele.

Od dětských kreseb mých dětí vede cesta zážitky života k hledání rovnováhy mezi otisky prstů hmotného světa a oblaky, skrze prožitky od bílé po rudou, k splynutí s oblohou nebo mořem do světla.

it is like walking in the mist the fog behind and the fog ahead
can I see something more
is it just a dream what is dream and what is reality what is what
sometimes when I least expect it an answer comes
my idea my guardian angel God who knows but I am glad it comes
are we led or are we leading is there a choice often not always
so many questions so many lifes to find answers
could I také the truth in one go I very very much doubt it
but at least one thing is certain in this world of uncertainty
love love love love love love love love love love
is the most certain thing always was and will be
but what is it really it has so many forms
maybe the hardest one is to love myself
with all the stupid things i think I say and I do
love is the hope and the life and so much more it is everything
without the hope I cannot imagine to live a single day
hope must be rooted in human kind same as a sense of purpose
so sooner or later we turn to something some of us I believe
the spirit wins over the mass however much it hurts or pleases

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