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olej na plátně 165 x 165 cm
S & H & K Holmanovy 2004

S dcerami jsme namalovaly hvězdy a noční oblohu. Potom se mi poprvé ukázalo, jaké je to na pozadí namalovat další samostatnou vrstvu barev se slovy. Někde z mé hloubky se ukázalo, co je důležité. Přestože jsem to namalovala, tak jsem ještě stále žila v minulosti nebo budoucnosti. Až po deseti letech začínám cítit, že přítomný okamžik je ten jediný důležitý a je spojený s minulostí a budoucností jen mlhou.

understanding God love success love body wrapped in sea water new house gentle touch kiss of a child unity with universe touching the stars being speed of light so slow swimming with dolphins one language smile tiger eating grass the sun contendness sharing dreams what do you want I want flying being without you hurts space bowed back creation loving eyes change immortality sunset God joking love bird singing listen flowers on a meadow answer peace limitless orange experience me love is you God good I am

I am love three dimensions hot tea noise someone calling stumble why do not repeat yourself stress no relax now crowded mind creation I want so much the sun through a dark glass love have you seen it there it is boredom laugh music rarity cool sheat tiredness what do you think heartbeat motion fifth dimension lazyness open eyes what a beauty I do not really want to talk just sit next to me we said everything how many lives touch of a breeze throbbing head gentle touch tranquillity love deep blue sea in what dimension doubt curiosity what life am I living the right one apple what a smell now reading the world has stopped look in the eyes today is good dust on the road why eyes give me your hand warmth smile hurry up talking to God I wish what a story read it again please candles making love what a silly game God in me do not stop outburst how many more times God knows light through an acacia leaf dirty washing prayer you grape in a mouth I feel so good laugh being without you hurts journey joke go for it I can not my eyes yawn there is a reason laugh hot asphalt whistling did you ever think this would happen dog running after a ball just one more step and you are there dead leaf mosquito bite getting up too many words so much in my heart infinity mistake another attempt landing on my lap I can do it better banana skin singing loud I hope noone can hear me what is the point crunching roll hot bath longing work rising sun energy in another place at the same time how that is not bad take it or leave it shouting ant running over my wonder certainty of uncertainty beauty atmosphere reality seeing it my way what is right why am I still reading it oddness dejavu too many things sex breathing

crowds betrayal eyes of a wolf behind the tree spider I will succeed friends hands running with my father mum wet shoes in the snow hot tea snake race twinkle questioning eyes learning mud wet straw stars sound of a guitar totem feeling so stupid exams stress competing how can I be so happy do I deserve it anger bad dream flying running away from a mob closing in beating drums looking down through clowds lie doctor envy building rain look out finaly safe fate death you feel so good they have not noticed the change smile how could I have done it so stupid bloody hell ageing forgive me climbing up the hill begging encouragement lead feet illness joke bells sleep birth emptiness cloud

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